TransOhio Statement regarding Incident and Arrests at Columbus Pride Parade

TransOhio is an organization of all volunteers who provides advocacy, education, support and community for all transgender and gender non binary people in Ohio. Many of those individuals are people of color. We are aware that the Stonewall riots of so many years ago began by the actions of a transgender person of color and that each year we hold Transgender Day of Remembrance in November to honor those in the community who have been killed by horrific acts of violence. Nearly substantially all of these individuals over these many years of rising numbers have been transgender women of color.
On Saturday, during the Pride festival a group of peaceful people, including some from the transgender community, began a protest of standing silently to remind everyone of this history and this violence and the violence against people of color in this country and need for more inclusion of these voices in Pride celebrations. Their actions were peaceful- but they were quickly and violently shut down and they were maced and arrested for their peaceful protest. We deplore such actions and join in the call for the dropping of all charges against these individuals (known as the #blackpride4) as requested as well by the organizers of the Pride parade- Stonewall Columbus and many other equality organizations and that communication lines be opened for future healing and involvement and greater understanding.