Driver’s License – How to Change Your Gender Marker

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Change Does Begin From the Bottom Up

grass-roots: adjective. Pertaining to, or involving the common people, esp. as contrasted with or separable from an elite.

Change happens from the bottom up. That is the heart of a grassroots movement, change, initiated by the Average Joe (or Jane!).
The catalyst to these grassroots-type movements often stem from individuals in society who find themselves hitting walls of bureaucracy and confusing policies that those who need to administrate them are often unsure about as well.
The recent Ohio BMV “Declaration of Gender Change” policy change reflects exactly this type of grassroots movement.
Over the years, many Transgender Ohioans have had issues changing the gender marker on their Ohio driver’s license. Sometimes, changing your gender marker depended on which BMV office you went to – Conservative county offices might give you the run around, versus, visiting an office in a more liberal county, one might not run into any issue. For several years, we’ve said that it’s a hit-and-miss kind thing when it comes to the ease of changing that ever important gender marker. Really, our livelihood depends on it. State issued IDs are required for employment, to drive, to open a bank account, to cash a check, to get a post office box, traveling, and so on. For many, an identification card with the correct name and gender marker often became an issue of safety.
In mid 2007, a transgender woman from North-West Ohio encountered issues with changing her gender marker on her Ohio driver’s license. Since then, she worked to create a professional relationship with the administrators at the Ohio BMV to create an open dialogue which allowed an honest exchange of information and an opportunity to provide education about Transgender people to the administrators. Remember the meaning of Grassroots?
Over the last few years, your statewide Ohio GLBT grassroots organizations, TransOhio and Equality Ohio, have worked alongside this Average Jane, longtime advocate Meral Crane and the administrators at the Ohio BMV to create a fair and accessible statewide policy managing gender marker changes on Ohio driver’s licenses.
Finally, this has come to fruition. Effective immediately, a statewide policy – “Declaration of Gender Change” – has been put into effect by the Ohio BMV.
Declaration of Gender
How this process works:
  • Transgender Ohioans need to phone the main office of the Ohio BMV (located in Columbus) to request the “Declaration of Gender Change” form. The main office number is: 1-614-752-7500.
(This form is not yet available online, and will not be until it is officially assigned a form identification number by the Ohio BMV.)
  • The “Declaration of Gender Change” form will be mailed to the requester.
  • Licensed therapists, counselors, or physicians are the only one’s allowed to sign this form.

(To be qualified, the medical professional must attest that the transition is being conducted in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH) Standards of Care, formally known as the Henry Benjamin Standards of Care).

  • The individual requesting the gender marker change will need to have their licensed therapist, counselor, or physician complete and sign the “Declaration of Gender Change” form.
  • Completed forms should be mailed or faxed to:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Attn: License Control
P.O. Box 16784
Columbus, Ohio 43216-6784
Phone: 1-614-752-7500
Fax: 1-614-752-7987
**Note: Don’t forget to make a copy of the paperwork for your records.
  • Turn-around and processing time is 7-10 business days. The Ohio BMV will notify the applicant in writing that their information has been changed.
  • The individual will then be able to take that written notification to their local BMV office to get their new license issued.  The old license must be surrendered.
  • BMV fees DO APPLY to the issuance of your new Ohio Driver’s License or state-issued ID card.
There are a few additional points of information on the “Declaration of Gender Change” form that we feel are important to point out:
  • If gender identification is marked as transitional, a new form must be submitted for each driver’s license/ID renewal until gender identification is complete. If the form is not submitted at renewal, the gender marker will revert back to the original gender.
  • Each individual is limited to changing their gender back to the original gender on their driver’s license or ID card one (1) time.