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Transgender & Ally Symposium: A Sampling of Our Workshops!

This year we expect over 250 participants to enjoy more than 70 workshops covering a variety of topics including:

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~ Sunday workshops
~ And more!

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Sing If You’re Glad To Be Trans
S. Bear Bergman, Keynote Speaker

While the difficult narratives of trans life are valid and deserve our attention, is it not perhaps enough with the all-misery-all-the-time tranny channel? Being trans is not a reason for pity, scorn, shame, or apology. This lecture celebrates trans bodies, communities, awareness, sex, love, particular talents, successes and self-creation with a faultless logic and good humor that may just make you appreciate transfolks (or being trans) in a whole new way.

Minimizing the Top Ten Fears of Raising a Gender Variant Child
Kim Pearson, TransYouth Family Allies

Are you a parent who wants reassurance that your child will grow up happy and healthy? We will explore the top ten questions that parents have regarding their child’s future.

Topics include: understanding gender expression in small children; how, what, when and if we should tell our family and friends; how do we make sure our child is safe in school and other situations; social transition; medical transition; bolstering self-esteem and romantic relationships.

Seahorse Papas, Bearing Fathers and Birth Dads; navigating pregnancy, conception and birth
j wallace

Bring your hopes, your fears, your questions. This will be a facilitated discussion about what it means to be a man who wants to give birth and how to go about manifesting that. Expect social, emotional, practical and medical issues to be discussed, experiences shared and suggestions offered.
We’ll talk about language, clothing, navigating medical service providers and what it’s actually like to be a pregnant dude.

Please note: we will /not/ be debating whether you can be a pregnant man, whether it’s good for the community, or debating the validity of pregnancy as a choice for transmen. This workshop is intended for transmasculine people who are considering pregnancy/are pregnant/been pregnant, and our friends and allies.

Race, Gender, and Sexuality
New Leaf Columbus

A round table conversation exploring the intersection of race, gender identity, and sexuality. Participants will share and discuss the multiple ways race and culture inform gender identity/ expression, and seek to understand challenges surrounding sexual orientation/preference. Specific topics will include (but are not limited to): language, coming out, gender roles, and cultural socialization.

Gay and FTM: How to Relax and Meet the People You are Attracted To
Dale Bogucki and Miles Newman, La Fraternitie du Loup-Garou

Hate going out because you are not sure you will even be able to talk to someone? Freaking out even though you pass you are “sure” you won’t in a mostly male space? Think you will never be able to disclose? Think that when you do disclose the entire bar will know? Learn that you are not alone, you are not the first, and the community is more receptive than you think. We have been there and we will tell you all about the best ways to disclose, good ways to disclose, and when not to disclose. Also, learn about cruising, specific body language, and how to know if someone is cruising you.

Intersex 101: Similarities & Differences Between Intersex and Trans People
Vickie Boisseau

This workshop will explore the social, legal, and medical issues faced by many Intersex people, as well as the similarities, and differences between Intersex and Trans people.

Trans Women Now
Cara Sande Greenberg

Trans women come in all shapes and sizes and transition is never a straight line. We will be holding a panel discussion on the lives and needs of trans women. Topics will include transphobia, appearance and presentation, safe spaces, health services, and trans women’s relationship to the broader T and the LGB communities.

Partners’ Experience: Limited Disclosure and Stealth
Ariel Baumwell, Co-Facilitator, TransOhio Partners’ Discussion Group

A discussion session on the experiences of partners and relationships where one or more partner prefers not to disclosure their trans status or does so in a very limited capacity. Topics include: Finding medical care, activism and community with limited disclosure, damage control when forcibly outed, stigmas and stereotypes, children and limited disclosure. Other topics related to limited disclosure are also welcome. This discussion session is open to all.

CSW, Office of Continuing Education is a provider with the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage & Family Therapist Board. Provider Number: RSXX-038706 (Social Worker) and RCX-100503 (Counselor).

CLE’s are being sponsored by the LGBT Committee of the Columbus Bar Association.
Registration is now open and Social Service and Legal providers and professionals are being encouraged to register early as seating is limited and filling up fast.

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TransOhio Transgender & Ally Symposium: Meet a Few of Our Speakers!

TransOhio Symposium: Meet a Few of Our Speakers!
June 5, 2009
Meet a Few of Our Speakers!

Keynote Speaker
Helen Boyd
Boyd is author of My Husband Betty which was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. Her second book, She’s Not the Man I Married: My Life with a Transgender Husband was published in 2007. Besides being an author, Helen is an activist, academic and also partner to a transgender woman.

Dr. Christine McGinn
Dr. McGinn is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon whose formal training was tailored specifically to transgender surgery. Her surgical practice includes FtM/MtF genital surgery, “FFS”, FTM “Top” surgery as well as general cosmetic surgery. She is the founder of Papillon Gender Wellness Center, with offices in Key West and New Hope, Pennsylvania. PGWC is a gender wellness co-op that includes many professional services in addition to Plastic Surgery, offered in a trans-friendly environment. Her focus is to promote the importance of a holistic approach to helping gender variant individuals. Her practice includes an emphasis on preventive medicine, aftercare, research, community outreach, and therapeutic support systems.

Sile Singleton
Singleton is a leading force in promoting the current, continuous and ever-changing development of the ‘modern day’ Drag King Cultural Explosion. Sile, a life student of gendered nuances and disruptions has been publicly engaged in visual representations of gendered identities for just about 14 years. Sile originally broke onto the scene with the now “famous drag queen character”, LUSTER as Lustivious Dela Virgion (LUSTY) grand dame and emcee hostess with the mostest.

David Brandebura, R.Ph.
David is the Director of Pharmacy at The Apothecary Shops in Columbus. In September 2006, David joined The Apothecary Shops, a family of independent, community pharmacies located throughout Arizona, Nevada and Ohio, and opened the company’s second out-of-state pharmacy. Prior to joining the company, he was a pharmacist at New Albany Surgical Hospital. David’s areas of expertise include ophthalmology, women’s health and diabetes. Through the American College of Apothecaries (ACA), he is certified in compounding and aseptic compounding techniques. David is a registered pharmacist in Ohio, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Tennessee and Arkansas. He has more than 17 years of pharmacy experience.
Stephanie Battaglino
Stephanie is a nationally-recognized activist and speaker on transgender issues. She is the Communications DIrector for IFGE, the International Foundation for Gender Education, and sits on their Board of Directors. She is also the Chair of the IFGE endowment fund, The Winslow Street Fund. She is a member of the Transgender Advisory Committee of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, the national organizarion promoting workplace equality for the LGBT community. Stephanei has keynoted at both the IFGE and Southern Comfort Conferences and is a Communications Director at New York Life Insurance Co., where she successfully transitioned on the job in October of 2005. She is the first transgendered person to do so in the 164-year history of the company.