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sixth annual
SNAP TO GRID: the UN-Juried Exhibit

Every Entry Shown!

Exhibit Dates:
November 12-December 5, 2009

Deadline for entries:
October 19, 2009

Opening Reception: Thursday November 12, 7-9pm
(in conjunction with Downtown Artwalk)

LACDA announces an open call for our un-juried show featuring digital art and photography: “Snap to Grid.” All entries will be printed (8.5″x11″ on heavyweight paper) and shown in our gallery arranged in a grid. Entrants submit JPEG files of original work. Multiple entries are permitted. Seperate registration required for each image. Exhibit is limited to space available, early entry is advised.

All styles of artwork and photography where digital processes of any kind were integral to the creation of the images are acceptable. Digital video stills and screen shots of web/new media are acceptable. Documentation shots of digital installation and digital sculpture are acceptable.

This call is international, open to all geographical locations.

Show Dates:
November 12-December 5, 2009

Deadline for entries:
October 19, 2009

Opening Reception:
Thursday November 12, 7-9pm
(in conjunction with Downtown Artwalk)

Entry Fee:
Registration fee is $30US.

Submission Rules:
Registration and submission are done online only. JPEG file uploads are the only accepted submissions under 2MB each (up to 1.9mb). Please do not send materials to LACDA. All materials sent to LACDA will not be viewed and cannot be returned.

Multiple Entries:
Multiple entries are permitted. $30 registration fee for each additional image. Seperate registration required for each image.

Gallery Statement:
Every year for 50 years the L.A. Municipal Gallery has held its “Open Call” exhibit where any artist can show up with their art and an entry fee (to benefit gallery programs) and the piece is shown. The Los Angeles Center For Digital Art decided to launch an international experiment of the same nature where the artists upload images that are printed and hung by the gallery. The hundreds of works are displayed in a grid like installation (reminiscent of postcard art shows of the 1980’s) where every work submitted is exhibited.

The usual (less than democratic) selection process where only the precious few are chosen is turned on its head in a curatorial anarchy where everyone gets to participate and the viewer is literally left to be the judge. The show represents a snapshot of a current moment in art history when digital imaging has reached the hands of the many, an age where culture belongs to the “mobblogers” around the globe. From Thailand to Texas, amateur to academic, beautiful to banal and beyond the monumental quantity and variety of “Snap to Grid” becomes an aesthetic experience where each individual piece adds to an agglomerative effect that has a life of its own.

TransOhio Transgender & Ally Symposium Kick-Off Event: Artwork Showing of Transgender Artist Briden Cole Schueren

Columbus, Ohio artist, Briden Cole Schueren, has always had a different kind of perspective on life. He’s extremely energetic and fast-paced. He’s got a love of playing with movement which “is why many of [his] pieces tend to be very fluid while blurring the lines in-between colors.”

Schueren says that he “loves making art that pushes boundaries and makes people think. You could say that I like playing around with fire,” in reference to being able to make people squirm.

“I feel so free and at ease when I am painting or doing a photo shoot! When I have a camera or a paintbrush in my hand I am truly at peace. It’s very Zen like for me. I just want to be able to go crazy on a huge stretch of canvas, painting all over it and rolling around adding different layers and media types. I love making stories with my art. Alternatively, I also love allowing stories to inspire my work. I just feel it gives so much more meaning to every minute that I put into each piece,” says Schueren.

Besides art, Briden’s other passion is rowing. He is currently a rowing coach for a women’s high school varsity team and couldn’t be any more proud and happy to be part of that experience. In college, Schueren had to leave his rowing team because of “regulations.” Thankfully, he’s been able to get back involved with a sport that he loves!

This collection, Blurring the Lines of Gender, explores, interweaving paintings, photographs, mixed media pieces, sculptures, and recycled materials and highlights elements of blurring the lines of gender and human interaction. Blurring the Lines of Gender explores just one of Schueren’s many artistic styles, namely a playful use of vivid colors and fluid movements, while playing with the gender binary.

Schueren’s work will be on display at The Center on High (Stonewall Columbus) in the heart of the Short North Arts District, during the month of August. “We’re thrilled that Briden is going to share this part of himself. I love his work. He’s bright and full of life. Not to mention, he is open about his personal journey of transitioning, female-to-male. His work represents that journey, the highs and the lows. Briden’s showing is our kick-off event for our 2nd annual Transgender and Ally Symposium. It is a wonderful opportunity to educate general society about issues and experiences that transgender people face,” says Shane Morgan, Founder of TransOhio.

Schueren says, “This show is very special to me and personal, because I get to show a big part of my life that I struggled through, yet came out stronger and happy on the other side. I am so grateful and lucky to say I was born with a couple ‘extra parts’. I have been able to experience life in such a different way; Blissful and beautiful while very scary, and you can see that in the way I express my art.”

Briden Cole Schueren’s opening will be on Saturday, August 1, 2009, Gallery Hop. The Center on High will be open from 5pm-9pm at 1160 N. High Street, Columbus. Light refreshments will be available. Come to meet-n-mingle with Briden and other Gallery Hop go-ers and push your own
notions of gender.

This is the kick-off event for TransOhio’s 2nd Annual Transgender and Ally Symposium. For symposium info, visit