Provider’s Day: 3rd Annual TransOhio Transgender & Ally Symposium

Dear TransOhio Friends, Family and Allies!

Our 3rd Annual TransOhio Transgender & Ally Symposium is quickly approaching! We’re gearing up for 3 jam-packed days of workshops, seminars, networking, community building and special events!

This year is our first year we’re hosting a Provider’s Day. We’ve partnered with The OSU College of Social Work to be able to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and with the LGBT Committee of the Columbus Bar Association to offer Continuing Legal Education (CLEs) credits as well. We’re pretty excited about that, and the workshops and presenters are FANTASTIC!

Here’s information specifically about Provider’s Day, which is primarily focused on providing continuing education to medical, legal and social service professionals who are currently working with transgender identified individuals, or who wish to open their practice to them.

Registration is now open and Social Service and Legal providers and professionals are being encouraged to register early as seating is limited and filling up fast. To register and view a full list of presenters and workshops, visit

Planning to attend the General Symposium?
We hope so, because, well, how often do so many of the top surgeons, community activists, allies and educators gather in Central Ohio at the same time, for the same opportunities? That means, YOU get to meet-n-greet with (several) surgeons (you don’t have to go visit them out of state for a consultation!), have the opportunity to get access to OVER 70 workshops, food, friends, and entertainment all on the same weekend? Check out for a full list of presenters and workshops and events for the 3rd Annual TransOhio Transgender & Ally Symposium weekend (August 13-15, 2010)!

Provider’s Day will be held on Friday, August 13, 2010, 8am-5pm and is hosted by the OSU Longaberger Alumni House which is located at 2200 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, Ohio, 43210-1035 on the campus of The Ohio State University.

The General Symposium (Saturday and Sunday) will be hosted on site by the Ohio State University Multicultural Center at the Ohio Union. Registration is now open and Social Service and Legal providers and professionals are being encouraged to register early as seating is limited and filling up fast. To register and view a full list of presenters and workshops, visit

Provider’s Day classes include:

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: The Benefits for All Family Structures (CEU pending)
Holly Jedlicka, PBJ Connections, Inc.
This workshop gives participants an overview of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and how it benefits all types of family structures.  The focus is on how EAP provides a non-judgmental service to all types of families, using traditional social work theories in a barn setting. Participants learn how clients benefit from experiential family therapy with horses, how to identify family treatment objectives, and how to look for effective outcomes. Horses provide non-judgmental feedback for families in an exciting setting outside of the office, creating a safe and ideal place for families who are struggling with behavioral issues, mental health issues, or community-based issues.


Transgender Employment Protections (CEU & CLE pending)
Tara McKenzie Allison, Esq., TransOhio Board of Directors
This presentation will provide a broad overview of federal, state and local statutory and case law providing protections against discrimination (based on gender identity and gender stereotyping) in the workplace. (1.5 hours)


Facial Feminization (CEU pending)
Dr. Jeff Spiegel, Chief of the Division of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Boston Medical Center
Dr. Spiegel will review the goals and methods of facial feminization surgery.  Post-operative photos will be shown. There will be a discussion of what procedures are available, how to maximize results, risks, and how new technologies and advances have allowed for improving structural changes to bone.

The discussion includes differences in the facial anatomy of males and females, theories in gender recognition and feminization, the key changes in transforming a male face to a female face and the surgical techniques used during surgery.  Full forehead reconstruction with bossing to the orbital rim, mandible shaving and sliding genioplasty, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, upper lip reconstruction, browlift and scalp advancement are most commonly performed during these feminization procedures.  Trachea shave, blepharoplasty and rhytidectomy are also regular procedures performed during the feminization surgery.  Post-operative photos will be reviewed during the discussion.

Dr. Spiegel’s “less is more” approach to surgery allows patients to achieve their goals while still looking as natural as possible.  (1 hour)


Introduction to Transgender Surgery (CEU pending)
Dr. Sherman Leis, Director and Chief Surgeon, The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery
Dr. Leis will present an overview of the indications for transgender surgery, the prerequisites recommended prior to the performance of major surgical procedures, and several pre and post operative examples of the major procedures utilized in transgender surgery, both MTF and FTM.  (1 hour)


Facial Feminization/Body Contouring: Artistic Subtlety (CEU pending)
Dr. Joel B. Beck, MD
Dr. Beck discusses Facial Feminization and Body Contouring. This is an opportunity for those who attend to explore their options in feminizing their face and body. Dr. Beck will explain the subtle changes he can achieve while retaining the beautiful qualities his patients already possess. He discusses the importance of collaboration on an individual level with each client. This helps to ensure an individual look, faster healing, and overall pleasing outcome.  (1 hour)


Intersex 101 (CEU pending)
Elder A. Vickie Boisseau, Intersex Activist & Educator
This workshop will explore the social, legal, and medical issues faced by many intersex people, as well as the similarities and differences between intersex and transgender people. As time permits, we will talk about the top 3 medical conditions, as well as general knowledge on what to do with your intersex client.  (1 hour)


Transgender: Basics & Beyond for Social Workers (CEU pending)
Jake Nash, TransOhio Board of Directors, Educator
The objective of this presentation is to have participants understand the occurrence, the distinctions, the disparities, the medical and mental health concerns, and dispel myths regarding transgender individuals.  Jake has delivered this presentation to social workers throughout the state of Ohio over the past 6 years.  (3 hours)

Section 1: The importance of Language
Participants will understand the distinctions of sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as the terms that fall under the transgender umbrella.

Section 2:  The disparities of the Transgender community
Participants will learn of the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care and Social Work implications in working with transgender individuals. Discussion of suicide, addiction, depression, homelessness, risk factors and lack of competent care will prepare participants to improve service delivery and outreach to the transgender community.

Section 3:  The importance of understanding legal and hate crimes issues
Participants will learn of the disparities the transgender community experiences regarding employment, legal documentation and hate crimes.


LGBT Latin@s Victims of Interpersonal Violence (CEU pending)
José  Juan “J.J.” Lara Jr., MS, MA, Director of Advocacy and Training, Texas Advocacy Project, Inc.
In a culture celebrated for its rich traditions, close-knit families, and strong faith, being Latino and lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is often unmentionable and often met with violence.
This workshop will focus on the stigmas associated with being Latino and LGBT and how negative stereotypes embraced by the Latino community regarding sexual orientation increases the likelihood for LGBT Latinos to be victims of inter-personal violence within their own families.

Participants will learn about homophobia as culturally expressed within the Latin@ community, the types of inter-personal violent crimes LGBT Latin@s are vulnerable to and barriers accessing hetero-centric social services and criminal justice systems. While LGBT Latin@s and their heterosexual counterparts share many of the same issues, LGBT Latin@s encounter additional barriers. LGBT Latin@s often face antigay or gender discrimination on two levels: racism and homophobia/heterosexism. Thus, categorizing LGBT Latin@s as a “twice-hidden” community renders them “invisible” limiting access to mainstream providers and vitally important services.  (1.5 hours)


Utilizing Existing Federal Law to Protect Your Gender Variant/Transgender Youth in School (CEU pending)
Kim Pearson, Executive Director, TransYouth Family Allies
Currently, federal laws regulating schools and school districts are either ambivalent regarding the school experiences of gender variant youth or appear to condone the discrimination and harassment those youth face on a daily basis. However, in reality, those laws can be used to provide the very protections and supports gender variant youth need to be able to learn in a safe and supportive school environment.

This workshop will explore the mechanics of using those laws to advocate for gender variant youth who are experiencing difficulty and distress in school due to their gender expression.  Through hypothetical scenarios that mirror the common experiences of gender variant youth, this workshop will provide parents with the basic legal knowledge and tools to invoke federal law protections to improve the school experiences of their children.  (1 hour)


Allies Supporting ‘T’ Youth & Their Families (CEU pending)
Kim Pearson, Executive Director, TransYouth Family Allies
This program is designed for those organizations and individuals who want to be more inclusive and supportive of gender variant and transgender children and their families. While many organizations have made a connection with the adult transgender community they are still struggling to understand how to support children and youth who come out as transgender or who are facing challenges because they are gender non-conforming.

This course is designed as a Youth/Children Gender 101 presentation that will educate you on the basic facts, myths and terminology. TYFA will also provide practical information and resources that will enable you to be more helpful and supportive to trans and gender variant youth and the families and friends who love them.  (1 hour)


The Top 10 Lessons in What NOT to Do When Counseling Gender Variant Clients (CEU pending)
Brooke Kroto, LISW
This presentation is geared for mental health providers who are new to treating transgendered, transsexual and gender variant clients. Based on my own serendipitous journey, I will share some wisdom learned, many of which resulted from my own lack of experience and faux pas enacted along the way.

Participants will learn important fundamentals for helping those experiencing gender confusion, transgendered identity, and transitioning related issues.  (1 hour)


Crime Victims Rights in Ohio (CLE pending)
Mel Fuhrmann, The Justice League of Ohio
This class will describe the rights that crime victims have in Ohio under the crime victims rights statute and the Ohio constitution.  We’ll discuss the services available to the LGBT residents of Ohio, including Bravo and the Justice League of Ohio.  We will also touch on the crime victim compensation program through the Attorney General’s office.  (1 hour)


Health Reform for the Transgendered Community (CLE pending)
Travis Jackson, Columbus Bar Association LGBT Committee
The presentation would explore the impact of recently passed health reform laws on the transgendered community, with a particular emphasis on access to care. It would also examine recent announcements from the IRS regarding the tax treatment of SRS.  (1 hour)


Successful Significant Other Partnering in Transgender Relationships (CEU pending)
Michael C. Owens, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, WPATH certified therapist & Amber Alaniz-Owens
This workshop will addresses the challenges, concerns, and positive solutions of being in a successful relationship of commitment and partnership with a trangender dynamic.
This workshop will cover common challenges, solutions, attitude is everything, disclosure, and the attributes of healthy couple dynamics. Room for questions and answers. Interactive workshop.  (1 hour)


Services Outside the Box: Helping Your Clients Navigate Sex-Segregated Services (CEU pending)
Michael Munson, FORGE
In an ideal world, every client would have access to ANY medical and mental health service they need. Unfortunately, many services are sex-segregated, which provides additional barriers to clients (and providers).

This didactic and interactive workshop will examine how to creatively advocate for and with your clients around services such as sexual/domestic violence support groups and housing, OB/GYN/urology appointments, forms and policy management, referrals and networking. Providers will leave new solutions to old problems — benefiting their clients and their field.  This workshop is focused on providers and how they can better serve trans/SOFFA individuals.  (2 hours)


THInC- Trans Hormones, Informed Consent (CEU pending)
Lisa Katona, Howard Brown Health Center
Introducing THInC, Howard Brown Health Center’s program to empower and support trans clients who wish to access hormones. THInC is a comprehensive 3-step program designed to assist clients in accessing hormones in an efficient, supportive and validating manner.

This presentation will offer information about what informed consent means, and why Howard Brown made the decision to make access to hormones as barrier-free as possible, and how clients can access this program.  (1 hour)

CSW, Office of Continuing Education is a provider with the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage & Family Therapist Board. Provider Number: RSXX-038706 (Social Worker) and RCX-100503 (Counselor).

Our Sponsors:
The Ohio State University Multicultural Center; OSU’s Scarlet & Gay; OSU College of Social Work; The LGBT Committee of the Columbus Bar Association; Outlook; Stonewall Columbus; The Ohio Democratic Party LGBT Caucus; Apropos Promo; Irony Personal Training, LLC; United Way of Central Ohio; Stonewall Democrats of Central Ohio; Out for Work; The LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland; The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force; Case Western Reserve University GLBT Office; Equality Ohio; PBJ Connections; Delaware Christian Gay-Straight Alliance; Heart-Centered Healing; Evolved.

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