Making It Affordable: 3rd Annual TransOhio Transgender & Ally Symposium

Dear Future Symposium Attendee:

The TransOhio Board of Directors understand the difficulties many people are facing due to our tough economic times.  In response to this, we have arranged resources to make attending TransOhio’s 3rd Annual Transgender & Ally Symposium (August 13-15, 2010 in Columbus, Ohio) more affordable for everyone.


Scholarships are available to those who need assistance with registration costs.  If you are unemployed, underemployed or having difficulty affording the full price of registration for any reason, please apply for a scholarship! It never hurts to apply.

Send the following information to us at

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • City
  • State
  • A brief explanation as to why you are applying

Ride Sharing

We have attendees coming in from all over Ohio and the Midwest. We want to encourage everyone to share transportation costs.  To connect with others in your area please visit the TransOhio Google Group.  When posting an interest, please include “Ride Share” and the name of your city or town in the subject line.

Room Sharing

Hotel costs can be a big deterrent so we are encouraging everyone to share in these costs when possible by using the TransOhio Google Group.  If you live in the Columbus area and are interested in hosting an out-of-town guest please include “Host Opportunity” in the subject line.  If you are planning to stay in a hotel and would like to offset the costs by sharing a room please include “Room Share” in the subject line of your post. Check out the symposium website for an updated list of other local (and potentially less expensive) hotels.

We have done everything possible to make this symposium affordable for providers and general conference attendees alike. In fact, the average cost of registration for a 2-3 day Transgender conference in the United States this past year is approximately $300!

By securing many generous sponsors, we are able to keep our fees reasonable, and provide you with three days filled with local and national presenters, speakers, activities and entertainment.

Together we can make it possible for everyone to attend who wishes to!

In community,
TransOhio Board of Directors

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