2017 TransOhio Transgender and Ally Symposium Speaker and Presenter

This week we begin announcing some of the key presenters and speakers coming to the 2017 Ninth Annual TransOhio Transgender and Ally and Symposium to be held at the Union on the campus of Ohio State University. Our first such presenter/speaker for the Symposium is Chanel Haley.

Chanel Haley has volunteered with various non-profit organizations trying to advance the rights for the LGBT community since 2005.

In 2008, Chanel took a crash course in political campaign training. That training was immediately used in helping to elect the nation’s first African-American OUT lesbian elected to a general assembly, Simone Bell. Chanel became the volunteer coordinator on that campaign, and later office manager and volunteer coordinator for future campaigns. Since 2010, Chanel has been the Senior Legislative Aide to Georgia State Representative Simone Bell.

Chanel also became the first African-American Transgender person hired by the Georgia House of Representatives assigned to four Republicans and three Democrats. In 2014, Chanel Haley was appointed to the City of Atlanta Human Relations Commission by Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell, and became the Chairperson in 2016. Chanel is currently working on her degree in Paralegal Studies and is currently a certified Out & Equal Workplace Advocate Trainer. She has been living in Midtown Atlanta for the past 10 years.

While working with Georgia Equality, Chanel is leading efforts that ensure nondiscrimination legislation and policies in the broad areas of employment, housing, public accommodations, safe schools, and access to health care are inclusive of transgender and gender variant individuals and communities. She also seeks to build relationships in businesses and corporate environments that may have little or no LGBT background and experiences throughout the entire state of Georgia.

Chanel Haley

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