Legal Clinics for Name and Gender Marker Changes and Financial Assistance- 2018 (UPDATED)

TransOhio and it’s fabulous community partner, Equitas Health, announce the details for their Free Legal Name and Gender Marker Change Clinics to be held around the state of Ohio in the upcoming months in 2018 after holding 24 clinics since August of 2016.  The dates for the 2018 clinics are as follows:

Thursday, January 4, 2018 | 6PM-8PM | Toledo
Equitas Health – 3450 W. Central Ave. Suite 104, Toledo, Ohio 43606 (HELD)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 | 6PM-8PM | Dayton
Equitas Health – 1222 S. Patterson Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45402

Wednesday – February 7, 2018- Athens, Ohio-Equitas Health – 507 Richland Ave., Suite 201, Athens, Ohio 45701- 6-8 PM  (Cancelled Due to Weather – To Be Rescheduled)

Wednesday- February 21, 2018- Cleveland, Ohio – ACLU of Ohio – 4506 Chester Ave., Cleveland, OH 44103- 6-8 PM. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018  |   6PM-8PM  |  Columbus
(youth only – 20 and under)
Kaleidoscope Youth Center – 603 E. Town St., Columbus, Ohio 43215

Wednesday, March 7, 2018  |  6PM-8PM  |  Columbus
Equitas Health King-Lincoln Medical Center – 750 E. Long St., Suite 3000, Columbus, OH 43203

TransOhio will be on hand as well with financial assistance for those needing the same to complete the process.
Registration is preferred, but walk-ins are quite welcome.
Call (614) 340-6744 to make a reservation!

Other dates and locations are coming for later in March and April including Lima, Cincinnati, Youngstown and others !!

Many times in our community, individuals lack financial resources to complete this important process in their journey. TransOhio has secured six grants so that resources are available to such individuals to get this legal hurdle completed even if lacking in all the funds to complete the same. Below is the policy (please read prior to completing the application) and link to the application itself. Please complete the application and email the completed form to

We hope this development will aid our community in making this process a little easier.

TransOhio Legal Documents Financial Assistance Application Policies

  1. Applicant must have completed Application/ Petition for Name Change either individually, through private counsel, through the assistance of pro bono counsel or use of Equitas Legal Clinic Coordinator or at one of the TransOhio / Equitas Legal Clinics and must have all paperwork ready to be filed with Court at the time of completing the application for financial assistance.
  2. Applicants may seek partial or full funding to complete the process.
  3. All such funds awarded by TransOhio must be used for the completion of the filing process for name change in your Ohio county of residence and/or publication of notice of hearing or driver’s license name an gender marker change through Ohio BMV.
  4. All checks issued by TransOhio for this process are made out to the clerk of courts or other similar county governmental entity of the county of residence of the applicant and /or the newspaper of general circulation required by the county for purposes of publication and notice required by the county to complete the application for name change process. No checks can be issued to individuals.
  5. Applicants must utilize the least expensive method of publication if offered a choice of publications in the county they are completing the process.
  6. Applicants must attend their scheduled hearing for name change set by the court.
  7. Applicants can only apply for financial assistance for this process one time.

The form for the application for financial assistance is below


If you need financial assistance in regard to US Passports, this is located on a separate page of this site.