Passport Financial Assistance Program

Update:  Unfortunately, as of January 2019, the TransOhio Passport Financial Assistance Program is suspended due to lack of funding. To contribute to the program, please donate today and include the note “passports.”

In 2017, The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) received a donation for a grant program involving obtaining updated U.S. passports for members of the community in the state of Ohio and this grant has been provided to TransOhio. This program will allow individuals to apply for a new or updated passport with the U.S. Department of State concerning a name and or gender marker change on this documentation. An applicant can only receive one award of financial assistance in this program so it is recommended that you obtain both name change and gender marker change in one application if you need both and have limited resources. If you have already done one but need to update the other this would be a great way to do so. Checks are issued to applicants upon completing applications and submitting them TransOhio by emailing them to

Please note however, that a prior receipt of an award from our separate program of financial assistance  for  a name change petition to state courts does NOT preclude you form applying for assistance in Passport program as they are funded by separate grant programs. Therefore you can apply for financial assistance in the name and gender marker change program and get your name legally changed and updated ID and then apply and get assistance in this program to get new and or updated Passport as well. Checks are payable to Dpt. of State only and funds only apply for regular and not expedited applications for Passports. TransOhio is excited to have launched both programs and both are now fully funded so we stand ready to assist our beautiful community in your journey to receive legal recognition of your true identity.

Apply now while funds are still available! Application below:

Passport FA App