Legal Clinic FAQs

Who can attend? 
Members of the greater Ohio gender variant communities and parents of transgender or gender nonconforming youth may attend any of the scheduled Legal Name & Gender Change Clinics.
Do I have to RSVP?
Walk-ins are welcome! However if you are coming from another county, please try to RSVP at least 24 hours before the event so that we can ensure that we have the proper paperwork ready for you.  You can RSVP by calling (614) 340-6744 or emailing
What do I need to bring to the Clinic ?
Just bring your questions! If you are under 18 years old, you must attend with a parent or legal guardian unless you have received special permission prior to the event. Youths 15-17, please contact directly to discuss your options if a parent cannot accompany you.
I wasn’t born in Ohio, can I still come to the Clinic?
Yes! If you currently reside in Ohio, you may attend any of the scheduled clinics.
I haven’t started medically transitioning, can I still come?
Yes! There is no prerequisite that you have had surgery, started HRT, or even consulted a medical professional before you legally change your name. Additionally, not all transgender people chose to medically transition for a variety of reasons. No matter where you are in your transition—even if you’re just starting to think about updating your identity documents—you can attend any scheduled clinic.
Do these Clinics cost money?
No, all TransOhio Legal Name & Gender Change Clinics are free to attend. You will never be charged for the legal advice or materials given.
Are these Clinics accessible?
We try our best to schedule Clinics in accessible buildings that are conveniently located on the bus line. If you have concerns about accessibility or require an accommodation, please email
I missed the last Clinic. Will there be another?
Check the top of the Legal Clinics page and the TransOhio Facebook page often for an updated tour schedule. If there are no clinics near you, or if you cannot attend in person, you can email your questions to, or
I’ve already legally changed my name, is this Clinic for me?
If you have questions about a legal gender marker change on any of your identity documents, this Clinic will still be beneficial to you.
Help! My name change was denied. What do I do?
Contact or immediately to discuss your options.
How does the financial aid work?
Anyone who cannot afford the cost of court filing fees or passport application fees may apply for financial aid through TransOhio. We aim to send out funds within 14 days of receipt of your approved application. The check(s) will come to the address you provide and will already be made out to the correct entity. If you encounter a problem, please email
I already know how to update my identity documents, so I don’t need to attend the Clinic. Can I still apply for financial aid?
I already filed my name change paperwork. Can I apply for reimbursement through your financial aid scholarship?
I’d like to donate to TransOhio. 
Wonderful! TransOhio is proud to be able to offer financial assistance to community members who cannot afford to update their identity documents. We are able to fund our scholarships through small grants and private donations.