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If you are interested in joining our board, please click here to read more about the board application process. TransOhio accepts applications from people all over the state of Ohio.

Melissa Alexander, Co-Chair
Melissa Alexander, Co-Chair

Melissa M. Alexander, Co- Chair (she , her, hers) Melissa has served on the TransOhio Board since 2009. She has been involved in the planning and/or speaking at every Symposium since it began in 2008. Her primary focus, before assuming the Co-Chair position, has been on development and planning of the annual symposium, speaking and presenting workshops for various groups and agencies and with the development of the organization’s non-profit status and the 501(c) (3) status. Ms. Alexander is employed as an Instructor teaching business law and employment law, ethics and professional development courses. Prior to her work as an Instructor, she was the owner and operator of small business where she worked as a meeting planner and she received her CMP designation in 2008 from the Convention Industry Council. Melissa also was a partner in a law firm where she practiced law for over twenty years with particular focus on employment law . She has a B.A degree cum laude in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy from Northern Kentucky University, a degree in Theology from the University of the South and her law degree from West Virginia University. Melissa is married to her partner Paula.

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James Knapp, Board Member
James Knapp, Co-Chair

James Knapp, Co-Chair (he, him, his) was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio, James has been a member of the TransOhio Board of Directors since 2013. A lifelong activist, James first got involved in trans* advocacy in 2002, when he spoke to the Akron Public School Board concerning its policy on gender-variant individuals, dress codes, and bullying. Since that time, he has been involved with a number of student, local, state, and national organizations. He continues to speak and educate others on the complex issues facing the LGBTQ communities, focusing on concerns specific to transgender and gender-variant individuals. He has spoken to students, teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, medical professionals, and attorneys, both at private training and conferences. James has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from The University of Akron and a Juris Doctor from Cooley Law School.


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Arykah Carter, Board Member
Arykah Carter,
Board Member

Arykah Carter (she, her, hers) is an activist is the Cincinnati community. She is a board member for, a statewide advocacy and education group, and was instrumental in making TRANSSAINTS, a faith based trans organization an integral part of the Cincinnati Transgender Community. Arykah is currently working on organizing a Trans & Queer People of Color Collective (TQPCC) in Cincinnati. Arykah holds a B.S. from Western Michigan University, and an MBA from the Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University.




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Aran Reinhart, Board Member
Aran Reinhart, Board Member

Aran Reinhart (he, him, his) is a bisexual Quaker transguy from rural Seneca County. He is a poet who often writes about being trans and has been published in Friends Journal. He is a facilitator for the Toledo Area Trans Support group (TATS) and is very active in Quaker & trans spaces. He wants to be a bridge to bring diverse people together and wants to reach out to LGBTQ folks in rural areas who may feel isolated.




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Brooke Testerman, Board Member
Brooke Testerman, Board Member

Brooke Testerman (she, her, hers) is originally from Oklahoma but has been a proud member of the Columbus community since 2008. She spends most of her free time laughing with her girlfriend Anna and their sons Julian, Matt, and Ayden. She has a bachelors degree in Television Production and another in Theatre Direction and currently serves as Director of Customer Relations at a global Webhosting company. Brooke is an entertaining and engaging professional speaker, a project manager, an expert motivator, and a passionate advocate for all trans people.





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Michelle Moore, Board Member
Michelle Moore, Board Member

Michelle Moore (she, her, hers) lives in Hilliard, Ohio with her husband and four children. She is a registered nurse at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. Michelle has been heavily involved in the community since 2014, from the time her oldest son came out to her at the age of 12. She is a Parent Mentor for the THRIVE Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, a program that focuses on the comprehensive care of transgender youth. She also runs a Facebook support group for parents of transgender children, “Ohio Parents of Transgender Children”. This group connects parents from all over Ohio to offer support, resources, advocacy, and advice for families and their children as they navigate through social transitions, medical interventions, issues with schools and more.

Michelle’s primary focus, as a member of the TransOhio Board, is to expand on youth involvement and activities within TransOhio and the community, to help advocate and educate in schools, to be a resource for youth and families, and to be an influential ally within the community.


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James Glasser, Board Member
James Glasser, Board Member

James Glasser (he, him, his) is a native Ohioan but lived for a decade in the Pacific Northwest. He returned to the Central Ohio area with his wife Aubrey in 2012 and has an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. Since 2013 he has worked for a locally owned sign company as a Production Coordinator and lives in Reynoldsburg with Aubrey, two cats Ivan & Mister and a dog, Penny. James is new to nonprofit work but became inspired to commit to education and advocacy in light of the current hostile political and social climate regarding transgender and genderqueer individuals.







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Ginger Williams, Board Member
Ginger Williams, Board Member

Ginger Williams (she,her, hers) is from Cleveland. She holds degrees in engineering from Youngstown State and Case Western Reserve Universities.

Ginger participated with other Trans* leaders from around the state at the Ohio Transgender Leadership Academy.

She has been involved locally in support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Equal Housing and Employment Act, Marriage Equality, and the City of Cleveland Non-Discrimination Ordinance changes. She has helped in planning activities for Cleveland’s TDOR and was a member of the planning team for the first Northeast Ohio transgender job fair in 2014. She is the recipient of the 2014 TDOR Illumination Award as transgender leader of the year.

Her passion is volunteerism for its associated sense of community, socialization and self-worth.



Ginger She volunteers with the following organizations:
Human Rights CampaignAIDS Taskforce
Equality Ohio
Margie’s Hope

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Felicia M G DeRosa, Board Member
Felicia M G DeRosa, Board Member

Felicia M G DeRosa (she, her, hers) is an acclaimed, multidisciplinary artist with an eclectic background, and has been an Ohio resident since 2010. A veteran of the west coast “Low-brow” / “POP surrealism” movement, she quickly found a place with the underground art happenings of central Ohio where she continues her 30+ year span of domestic and international work.

After completing her MFA (studio art/art education) in 2014, Felicia established herself at the Columbus College of Art and Design, where she currently works as an instructor of anatomy, design, theory, and drawing fundamentals. Being openly and visibly trans, she has recently stepped into the role of advocate, fighting for inclusion and respect for the LGBTQAA++ students that she mentors, as well as reaching out to Columbus City Schools as a mentor, speaker and sensitivity advisor.

She lives with her wife Gwen — (since 2006), a hedgehog, a bird, and 2 ferrets in Westerville Ohio, and is quite fond of muscle cars, cartoons, and cheese puffs.

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Sarah Green, Board Member
Sarah Green, Board Member

Sarah (AS) Green — (They, Them, Theirs) Sarah Green is an activist, comedian/storyteller. Originally from Chicago, Sarah has lived in Columbus for the past 10 plus years. A founding member of Cbus2Ferguson , Sarah has been activate in the community for three years advocating for transgender and non binary community as well as people of color.







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Lena Tenney, Board Member
Lena Tenney, Board Member

Lena Tenney (they/them/theirs) joined the TransOhio Board of Directors in 2017. Lena is passionate about issues related to youth, education, and public policy. They are a co-founder of two grassroots community activist groups that have sought to ensure legal protections for and institutional inclusion of LGBTQ individuals. This advocacy work has resulted in successes such as the establishment of legal protections for LGBTQ residents in housing, employment, and public accommodations in the first city in Oklahoma to pass such legislation; the creation of the first ever LGBTQ Lounge at the University of Oklahoma; and the ability for transgender college students to obtain student ID cards that list their preferred name instead of their legal name.

Working as a facilitator and researcher at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University, Lena conducts anti-racism trainings throughout the state of Ohio and across the nation. They also serve as a member of the university’s LGBTQ Student Success Taskforce and as the adviser for OSU’s Gamma Rho Lambda, a national LGBTQ sorority.

Lena graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Masters of Education and a Masters of Public Administration. They also hold a Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies and History from the University of Oklahoma. Prior to moving to Oklahoma for college, Lena lived in both Dayton and St. Marys, OH. Lena currently lives in Columbus, OH with their cat named Ruth Bader Ginspurr. In their free time, they bake homemade desserts and blog about dapper fashion.

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Shane Morgan, Founder

Shane Morgan,(he, him, his) Founder, has been an Ohio resident for 13 years. While Shane is no longer on the Board of Directors of TransOhio, he is still dedicated to its mission and continues to be active in the community. He can often can be found facilitating transgender support groups in Central Ohio and speaking at conferences around the nation. Shane is a member of Equality Ohio and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE).

Shane’s presented at The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Creating Change Conference; Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio; Southern Comfort Conference; IDKE X; and other national and local conferences. He currently serves as a Steering Committee Member for Trans Advocacy Network (TAN). Shane has previously served as a Board Trustee at Stonewall Columbus, served as a Steering Committee member at the United Way of Central Ohio, a member of the Equality Ohio Public Policy Committee and as a Local Action Team leader.

In October 2010, Shane completed a Political Fellowship with the Center for Progressive Leadership. The Ohio Political Leaders Fellowship is a 9-month, part-time program that focuses on providing the long-term resources and skills necessary for emerging leaders to become powerful political advocates for their communities. Through training, coaching, project-based work and mentoring, the program gives up-and-coming leaders the skills and networks they need to advance progressive political change in their communities.

Shane presents on several topics: Inclusive policies in the Workplace; Sex-Segregated Spaces; Trans Homelessness & Shelters; Ally & Coalition Building; Trans & Queer Community organizing; Female-to-male transition; Domestic Violence & Safety; Coming Out at Work; Creating gender-safe & neutral spaces and Sex and sexuality.